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tw_archives is a fiction hub for the BBC3 show Torchwood. We're all about the team here. We welcome het, slash, and gen.

Please take a second to acquaint yourself with the community guidelines.

1. Play nicely with others.

2. tw_archives is intended to explore less explicit stories and gen. Our sister community, jack_in_cuffs specializes in darker and more sexually graphic fare.

3. Please cut and mark spoilers, and warn for any disturbing content.

4. The obvious posting restriction is that stories must deal with the Torchwood institute or team in some manner. There are communities already devoted to Jack/Rose/Doctor (better_with_3), Jack/Doctor (doctorslashjack), and galactic_conman is a great place for stories about Jack before he ever came aboard the TARDIS.

5. This community makes use of the tagging system -- a complete list may be found here, and will be added to as needed. Use of multiple tags is more than acceptable.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Moderator
cherryice (aestival.blue@gmail.com).

jack_in_cuffs For more explicit TW fic.
sarahjane_fic For stories about Third/Fourth Doctor companion Sarah Jane Smith.
torchwood_fic All-around TW fic community.

Places of Interest
galactic_conman For all things Captain Jack
torch_wood For all things Torchwood.
torchwoodicons Does what it says on the tin.